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Corrupt Downloads & Game Crash

I posted my last post almost 10 months ago, so you could say I have been pretty inactive the last year. And yes, as you can see it coming, I am going to start another legacy AGAIN. But this time, I have a good reason!

I had a lot of downloads for my game, and some of them were clearly corrupting it. I couldn't make Sims move in, even if their relationship was high enough, I had to get them married right away. I couldn't make them walk to their work. A lot of self-options such as "Rap" or "Ropeskipping" didn't show up anymore and a whole lot of things didn't go as they should. That's why I deleted (or removed from my download-folder) every download, mod and hack and I started over again.

On top of that, my game just crashed. I tried to open it but it continued to give me just an error with a red cross. Not even info about what was wrong, no, just a red cross. Very nice! So now I'm gonna spend a lot of time on deinstalling and re-installing all my Sims 2 expansions.

All these things are reasons why my legacy is kinda dead, I'm really fed-up with it. If I would want to continue, I'd have to set them up in a whole new neighbourhood and I just don't feel like it. I got tired of them already (that's so bad D:). I still have enough pictures to make another update but that'll be the last of it, and then I will probably start a new legacy (again). Or do another challenge. Or whatever.

But, you'll here from me again soon enough, I promise! :D

Gaspaccio Legacy 1.2

Last time:
Nnoitra (our founder) went on endless spouse-hunting but couldn't find a decent husband. Nonetheless, he gave birth to two children: Baraggan - an alien boy who is already a child - and baby Neliel. There were lots of people, lots of fire (due to challenges) and a burglar. Let's move on!
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Gaspaccio Legacy 1.1

Hello everyone! Finally I'm back with my I'm Surrounded By Idiots Mini Challenge Gaspaccio Legacy. :D This update contains: endless spouse-hunting, death and babies. Enjoy!

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I'm still alive!

Hey everyone

It has been a while since I posted anything on this livejournal! But I'm planning to come back in a short amount of time, but there are a few... issues.

First of all, I changed computers - since my old one actually was really trashy - and I re-installed all of my Sims games. So my savegame of the Jones Legacy kind of got lost... I could still retreive it if I wanted but I'm actually not thàt fond of them and I want to start over with a brand new Legacy! Why? Because 'Jones' is a stupid name and I didn't really know what I wanted when I started that Legacy. Now I think I do. I'm going to download a nice neighbourhood - because I'm too lazy to build my own - and create a whole new Sims community there with a brand new ISBI-family with weekly challenges (so I guess it will be a Viking Death Squad I'm Surrounded By Idiots Challenge lol) YAY!

Second, my download folder doesn't seem to work as it should work on this computer. Some of my downloads don't even show up in my game, but some of them work just fine. It's mostly furniture that isn't working. Anyone had this problem before?

See you soon!

The Jones Legacy 2.2


Hi there everyone! I know I haven't been the most active here in LiveJournal. But I didn't really feel like it and I was also busy with a lot of other things.

First of all, the pictures for a second update of the Jones Legacy gen 2 are ready, I just need to upload them and write the update. I will do that this week :D

Second of all, I will be starting a Test of Time Challenge, and I am also going to write updates about that (but, of course, more briefly than the Legacy-updates). I'm really looking forward to it and I've already begun playing. I'm currently at the Neanderthal Stage, and that means I will start with 5 couples of Sims. At this moment I'm playing with the third couple. Each update will contain a week of each couple, so that you can follow my progress.

See you in a couple of hours/days! :D

The Jones Legacy 2.1

And finally, here they are! It's ben a while since I updated, but I'm back in the game (I even have some pictures for 2.2 already). So yes, the legacy transformed into an ISBI with this generation, and I must say I really like to play it. So here we go!

Last time the four Jones kids graduated and Jane was chosen heir. Let's see how well she will do it!

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House Tour: LegacyHouse #2

Are you ready for the new generation of The Jones Legacy? We'll have a new concept: it will be an ISBI with Jane Jones as heir. But I also decided she had to move to another house... so I built her one. I only haven't thought of one thing: there is no room for a nursery. Oh well, they still have the balcony! Let's do a House Tour!

Oh yeah, the borders will be black from now on. It's the easiest and the most beautiful I think. And very useful for when I want to change the lay-out of my livejournal. Let's start with the living room! Here we gooo~
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Generation 1 heir poll

So... who is it going to be huh?

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The Jones Legacy 1.7

And here we are again! We'll continue our university adventures~

Previous parts:
1.1 | 1.2 | 1.3 | 1.4 | 1.5 | 1.6

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